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I am mom to an 18 year old boy and identical twin 9 year old boys. I am the wife of a wonderful man. I have had celiac disease for 18 years, and love to share recipes I find or create!

Sep 29, 2011


Does anyone else ever have one of these days, when you get the doe-eyed "I didn't hear you say that" response when you remind your child he has not done something you told him to do in plain simple words?


Sep 10, 2011

Udi's Gluten Free Foods Giveaway

*Thank you to all who participated, this giveaway is now closed and the winner has been notified!

I'm hosting my first giveaway!!! Udi's Gluten Free Foods has graciously offered to send one lucky reader a reusable shopping bag and three Udi's products! Check them out here to explore their awesome product line. I am personally enjoying one of their blueberry muffins this morning, heated with butter. Mmmmmmm!! I love their breads, they are a much better alternative to what I was attempting to make at home! Udi's has made eating as a celiac so much more enjoyable for me, I am eternally grateful!

If you would like to enter the giveaway, leave your info below (this is private of course!) and for two additional entries:
*leave a comment sharing your favorite Udi's product
*follow this blog and leave a comment letting us know you do so :)

I will stop accepting entries 9/17, and will email the winner!

Sep 8, 2011

Halloween is coming!!!

Yes, I am that girl - I have already started Christmas shopping too!

I love halloween, and I mean loooove it. It's absolutely my favorite holiday, and I can't even really explain why! We have a party at our house every year, kid friendly of course, and I just have an absolute blast decorating the house, putting together costumes, it's so fun! This year I'm considering being one of the princesses from Mario Bro's, since the twins want to be Mario and Luigi. I found them overalls at a consignment sale, and just have to get the shirts and hats now. We're going to start hopping consignment sales for a princess dress, and possibly a suit to use to make Big Kid into Dr. Who...

I just ordered my free jello brain mold online, thanks hip2save! Excellent timing, I have been going through my halloween recipes (in my total lack of spare time!) and have started a big ziploc bag full of recipes I want to make for our party. I always tell people they are welcome to bring a dish if they want, but not everyone cooks - I usually make things like chili with breadstick bones, putred punch with floating eyeballs, once we made meatloaf rats (they were yummy but ewwy looking!), chicken cordon bleu mummies, I have so much fun!!! I have been ordering invitations all year whenever an online card company offers a free card - I have at least ten from shutterfly alone! I can't help it, I love being thrifty - it's what makes our family budget work!

Our budget has been so tight lately my mom felt bad for me (total lack of gluten free food AT ALL in the house) so she drove up last night and brought me Udi's bread, cookies and hamburger buns (OMG!!!), and various brands of gf cookies, granola (oat free of course) and cereal. My mom is so awesome!!!

Sep 4, 2011


Our twins love geotrax sets! They are the coolest trains for little kids!!! The trains are almost indestructible and the tracks are so easy to snap together. We bought timbertown railway as our first set because we found it on clearance at Target - someone had stolen a train car out of the box. As soon as we got it home we realized one train and one track set was not enough for twins! We eventually found a craigslister who had some for sale at a reasonable price (they are very expensive new in my opinion), and bought what he had. That included a few almost complete sets and some push trains. Right after that we found a bin full of geotrax and trains for sale at a second hand shop, $29! Of course I bought it, so we had enough track to make a good sized set (or two smaller ones) for the twins to play on and not fight over. We also finally had two remote control trains, yay! We go through an amazing amount of AAA batteries around our house.

Yesterday one of our freecycle friends gave us another big pile of Geotrax! We now have two more remote control trains (Aero the train is now the hottest toy in our house) as well as two buildings that the airplane tracks attach to, and two remote control planes to fly on them! We went out to dinner last night, and the planes came with us ;) She also gave us the Geotrax Grand Central Station, which made Thing Two's life complete. Who knew?! He has had the little train conductors up there loading little items into trains, putting people on and off the trains, he is having such a blast! I have never seen the twins pretend so much, they are at *such* a fun age! We happened across the Christmas in ToyTown set early spring this year on seasonal clearance for $40, we bought it and have kept it well hidden for this Christmas. WOOHOO!

Sep 2, 2011

Riding tricycles

The twins have been asking to ride their tricycles, and I thought it was time to get them some helmets. Our twins' heads are so big they couldn't fit into the 3+ helmets, or the 5+ helmets... they had one 8+ helmet that would fit them, and it was a skateboarding Cars helmet! The adult sized helmets fit them perfectly (good lord!) but the chin straps were way too long. We spent 45 minutes in Walmart trying on helmets before we finally found some that would fit well!!! I had no idea my offspring had heads THAT big!!! Big Kid tried on an adult sized bike helmet, it was too small!! I keep telling them they just have big brains...