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I am mom to an 18 year old boy and identical twin 9 year old boys. I am the wife of a wonderful man. I have had celiac disease for 18 years, and love to share recipes I find or create!

Gluten Free products we love

I'm not doctor, nor am I a nutritionist. I am simply listing out the products we enjoy using that we know are gluten free. I am not going to list every cookie I eat, or every box of cereal... just the basics. Obviously there are some great gluten free brands out there that make cereal and bread specifically gluten free, I'm going for more of the "OH that's gluten free too?" types of things. Keep in mind I do recheck almost every product's gluten free status about every six months. You must stay vigilant! I still remember my doritos fiasco when they changed their recipe! OH and Udi's bread is the best bread out there if you want "normal" tasting bread, it's just tiny, and I make cookies at home so often I don't bother buying the cardboard that's available pre made ;) See, you have to remember that I wasn't a celiac until I had my first child, so I remember what a donut REALLY tastes like - I can't be fooled into thinking hummus is cool whip!

And if you live near a Wegman's grocery store don't even bother reading this - just know I am extremely jealous because Wegman's has an entire store brand dedicated to just gluten free! Wegman's is the best grocery store in the world, and I really miss them!!!

  • La Choy soy sauce is my go to soy sauce. It's not too salty and has a low sodium version
  • The Gluten Free Pantry's All Purpose Flour is amazing. It can be substituted cup for cup with normal gluteny flour in recipes. Be aware that no matter what gluten free flour you are using things will start changing in recipes calling for over three cups of flour. Gluten holds things together and the more flour a recipe calls for the more gluten it's supposed to have. Just keep this in mind if you see a recipe for christmas cut out cookies with 5 cups of flour... cut the recipe in half and see how you do, so you don't waste thirty dollars on icky cookies! I know flour can be a personal choice, this is just what we have found to work the best for us. Bob's Red Mill just seems to make everything taste like health food to me, and I hate health food. See, personal choice!
  • Doritos Cool Ranch flavor are gluten free... right now. I look at the bag every single time I grab them, they have changed recipes in the past on me. Nacho cheese flavor are NOT SAFE!!
  • We eat tons of fruit and veggies, fresh produce is usually very safe. 
  • I do NOT eat oats of any type, I tried to eat quaker oats and got super sick, never again. I don't care if the actual oats are gluten free, something about where they are grown, stored, something has glutened them.
  • I personally love chili with no heat, and make it with cans of black beans and italian diced tomatoes. There are so many things that are just naturally gluten free if you read the labels - it's crazy!
  • Miracle Whip is gluten free, thank the gods! I hate mayo and have a hundred uses for MW!
  • I haven't found a plain rice flavor yet that contains gluten - now once you start looking at the flavor added packets you're on your own. We have tried jasmine, bismati, lots of types of rice and we eat plain old mahatma white rice constantly! I know, we should eat brown rice... remember my aversion to health food?
  • I have found that the Publix brand vinegars are gluten free, Publix will actually send you a list (maybe it's on their site now?) of all of their store brand products that are gluten free! Kroger has an 800 number you can call for each product, but seriously you have to call each time there is a new lot code, and I can't handle calling about every product while in the grocery store. I have children and a life. 
  • Publix brand rice cakes are gluten free! Quaker flat out told me they don't wash lines between products, they "rinse", which spells disaster for me.
  • Argo Cornstarch is used constantly in our house. We use it to thicken gravy, soup, sauces, it's awesome and definitely gluten free.
  • Someone at Nestle must have celiac disease - that company is AWESOME at doing gluten free! I use all of their baking chips, and at least a hundred other products from them, all gluten free. Write to them and they'll send you a list that is sooooo long of their gf products! Hershey's claims some of their chocolates are gluten free, but again you have to check each product every time. Not worth it. I do admit I eat M&M's and Reese's cups once in a blue moon, and have never been sick, but they weren't too sure about the gluten content the few times I called them... not worth the aches and pains. 
  • Wonka has TONS of candy that is gluten free, are they Nestle?
  • Personally I will never eat a Tinkyada noodle again. Those things never really get past chewy for me, and I want real pasta. I prefer Mrs. Leeper's Corn Noodles to anything else we've tried, they get soft and the huge bonus of using them is when you put them in things like homemade soups they will naturally thicken the soup because they are CORN noodles  - they release corn starch into the water! HA! I love that - my chicken noodle soup is to die for now that I use these noodles! I also use Ancient Harvest Quinoa elbow noodles for pasta dishes and mac n cheese. They act and taste a lot like "normal" elbow noodles, finally!!
  • Betty Crocker frosting is usually gluten free, until you venture into cookies and cream and those types of flavors. Again, just read the jar. I like the taste of home made frosting, but at times you just need to be able to flip open the jar and spread it on. 
  • Frito Lay makes TONS of gluten free chips, thank you for that!!! They will send you a list as well ;)
  • interesting tidbit - the cheese packets in both Velveeta and Kraft macaroni and cheese are gluten free, you just have to really clean off the packets before shaking them over your gluten free noodles. That crap that Annie's pushes as macaroni and cheese is nothing like good ol' kraft mac and cheese. Seriously. Use your fave noodles and just steal the cheese, or just buy a block of velveeta!
  • Planter's Peanuts are gluten free, check for various flavors. I only ever eat honey roasted and dry roasted. Love peanuts!
  • V8 Splash is gluten free, gotta love that. I forget sometimes to eat veggies and fruit, I save them for the little kiddos. Drinking it helps me a ton!!
  • Don't forget about things like deli meat - just ask them to use a clean slicer or you could be contaminated! I absolutely adore Wunderbar Bologna on some Udi's whole grain bread, with some miracle whip. Yum! Boar's Head makes a list of what they make gluten free, well worth it. 
  • Take Coke off the list, I now can only drink the light colored ones... coca cola made me sick THREE times before I figured out it had gluten in it, so now I only drink Fanta and Sprite. Grrrrr, I liked coke! 
  • Bakery On Main's Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola - yes, I now eat granola. There are no oats in this gluten free version, it's really yummy! I was shocked at how good it was!

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