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Nov 6, 2010


So after hearing about the two shoeboxes that big kid and I are packing for OCC, my husband got into the giving mood as well and asked me to post his immaculate nintendo ds on freecycle. His iPhone has really replaced it for him, so he doesn't use it at all now. He wanted to find a family who had a child who would love a ds but couldn't afford a new one. We got over two hundred responses on our local freecycle list within four hours of me posting it. It was hard to hear so many stories of hardship, but we finally decided to give it to a 9 yr old girl whose family has been going through hard times financially. He loaded his r4 card with games, barbie, bratz, mario and such, and we are giving it to her mom this morning. He still had the original box it came in, the actual game system looks absolutely brand new, he even had the packaging that went in the box and the bag of manuals! It is such a nice feeling to help someone else's family for the holidays, to be able to! I am so proud of hubby for doing this, he really made a little girl's christmas this year. We are well enough off to be able to take care of our three children's christmas presents this year, thankfully! We really can't afford to donate money to anything, but I think hubby's "gift" is that much better!

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