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Nov 14, 2010

Suprise Suprise!

I have anxiety attacks as pms - it's hormonal, and easily controlled by the pill. I decided when I realized they stopped while on the pill that I was going to actively start trying to be a healthier person. Since I had twins I have been horribly out of shape, everything makes me out of breath. It feels awful the three days I do have anxiety attacks, it feels exactly like what a heart attack is described as. I want to be a healthy person, I am only 31!

About two months ago I started this yoga ball video workout. I'm allergic to actual exercise, this is more along the lines of stretching that happens to work your weakest muscles a bit, on a huge yoga ball. The twins love doing it with me, that should tell you how easy it is. They get it sort of, they mostly laugh and sit on their play balls. It's pretty hilarious.

Much to my surprise my clothes started to get bigger! Yesterday I finally broke down and bought myself a new sweater, jeans, and a few undergarments and was shocked at having to go down one to two sizes (I did, of course, get a huge discount at Kohl's and hit the maidenform outlet, I never pay full price for anything). I have only lost five pounds, but I'm apparently moving my weight around on me. I don't post about weight and such, but this one just surprised the heck out of me!

Having to stick to a gluten free diet is nasty enough without trying to actually go ON a diet to lose weight, that would just make life unbearable for me. I realize I probably am on a "calorie controlled diet" to begin with, because I can't eat most of what I really want to! Ha, god forbid anyone ever told me there was a pill I could take to eat gluten without harm, I would probably gain four hundred pounds the first month of eating real food again!! NICK TAHOE'S GARBAGE PLATE HERE I COME! Only in my dreams ;)

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