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I am mom to a 15 year old boy and identical twin 6 year old boys. I am the wife of a wonderful man. I have had celiac disease for 15 years. Those things define me in that order, everything else falls in line! I homeschool because the public school system was just letting my smart child slip through not learning a thing, on the honor roll no less. While I eat a completely gluten free diet I don't keep a gluten free household. No reason to make the kids suffer with me! I am writing a gluten free cookbook (slowly!) because I can't stand all the gluten free recipes out there that use five hundred flours, and I want to eat normal food like non-celiacs do. Just like I used to, I use one all purpose flour that ROCKS, The Gluten Free Pantry's All Purpose Flour. No, I do not get paid to say that ;) Every recipe on my blog can also be made with regular flour, use it just like I use my gf flour!

Oct 4, 2011

Chicken and salsa and beans, oh my!

No clue what to call this recipe, but it's all over the internet and a friend served it once to me too! We made it stovetop last night, crockpot lid broke last week :( Thought I would share the recipe since it's so darn yummy!!

*as always, if you are making this as a gluten free recipe check your ingredients to ensure gluten free status! I have brands I am very loyal to, but I still check every time I buy a new container to ensure nothing has changed on the ingredient list.

1 - 2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
can black beans
small can corn
jar of your fave salsa

*if you want soup, don't drain the beans and add a little water. I personally don't make it this way because I looooove to eat this with tortilla chips and melted cheese!

Crockpot: pour in salsa, then chicken, beans and corn. Cook either on low for around 4 hours, or on high for 2-3 hours. Shred the chicken in the crockpot, it should fall apart really easily, and serve!
Stovetop: Boil chicken for 30 minutes, and shred. Pour shredded chicken along with rest of ingredients into large pot and simmer on low for half hour. Yum!!!

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