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Oct 12, 2011

MC Hammer??!!

I let Big Kid listen to music while he does his math homework. My attitude is this: as long as his grades are fine he can have the music, but only for math homework. So he usually gets his ipod and listens to pandora. Sometimes we fight because he loves Ludacris, and most of what pandora finds is uncensored... you get the idea. Well today he was jammin out first to "Can't Touch This" (hammertime!), then he was listening to "I Like to Move It, Move It". Remember those songs? Is this my "I'm officially old" moment?! I heard my son listening to those songs and just died laughing. I can't believe he likes MC Hammer and Reel2Real! All I can think to say is wow. I knew he liked the move it song from the Madagascar movie, but where the heck did can't touch this come from?!

I'm already seeing all the skinny jeans I hated as a young teen coming back into style, and the flourescent colors coming with it. Yes, I used to tightroll my jeans, and no, I did not have the legs for it even then. I swear if Tiffany comes back I'm moving to sirius radio! Now I could get into some good ol' Max Headroom! I love Matt Frewer ;)

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