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Dec 19, 2011

Ancient Times

So far this year Big Kid has blown through the Asia and the Pacific text, the Medieval Times text, and today we started Ancient Times. We're using the Prentice Hall World Explorer series. I have two other Ancient Times books, Usborne and Kingfisher, to supplement with. I think we're going to love them! Today was the first section of chapter one, and it was about early humans and specifically Iceman. So I got out my national geographic and he read an article about how scientists can now tell that Iceman was not being chased when he died, because his stomach was full when he passed away. Then he watched an hour long special we recorded awhile ago on PBS about Iceman. COOL! Next month we start studying Mesopotamia, and I have a ton of supplemental info for him to use with the text. I hope he enjoys it, I can't wait to get to studying ancient Egypt - that is my favorite subject to learn about! I know so much about so many of the Egyptian Pharaohs, I can't wait to start showing him some. I know he won't be as into it as I am, but I'm hoping he will enjoy learning about them and remember at least a little of it. I'm thinking we'll fit a museum trip in at some point, to see some Egyptian artifacts - maybe even some sarcophagus... sarcophagi? Ha!

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