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Dec 31, 2011

DIY Ikea Ramvik Kid's Lego Table - and a fun Duplo game!

It's finally finished!!!

I used contact cement to glue down the 8 lego bases, ordered on sale from Barnes & Noble with free shipping. I attached the lego bases together using Big Kid's legos on all the seams, to make it easier to handle and assure the seams could be built on. I painted both the lego bases and the tabletop with contact cement, which dried in about ten minutes, and adhered once pressed together. The boys started building as soon as I brought it back inside! Contact cement is rather smelly. The lego bases also fit duplo blocks on them, so we figure they can use them with their duplos and then use the table with legos eventually! They are turning four soon, maybe they'll get legos for their birthdays :)

This is my very first Ikea hack!!! I did paint the two little Rast dressers, but that's not really a "hack" it's just color. This is an entirely new purpose for the table, yay!!! I freecycled the glass tabletop, it's now part of someone else's table :) I love how well freecycle works like that! Freecycle is an awesome organization - it's a yahoo group, every area has one, and it's sort of like a craigslist but everything is free. We have received more items than I can remember over the years - the perfect blinds for our new sliding glass doors, toddler beds, slides and picnic tables, routers, a beautiful set of Christmas dishes, you name it! We have given away tons and tons of items, from a mint condition game boy to a broken gas stove - all were happily received by someone who needed it! Freecycle rocks and I can personally attest to it keeping a huge amount of items out of the landfill, which is it's main purpose.

*Update* The boys and hubby have created a game with the Duplos and some dice they found - reinforcing counting skills and taking turns ;) They roll the dice, move ahead the rolled number of blocks, and the winner is the duplo character who reaches the pyramid first! I love seeing my family being so inventive - using their noggins!

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