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Jan 2, 2012

Did anyone else make a New Year's Resolution?

I have always thought resolutions made just because a new year was starting were silly. Well, this season I made one for myself, just because it felt like the right time. I have promised myself I will practice my pilates and yoga ball workout at least twice a week, today was my first day of the new year doing it. I have a great dvd I watch to help me stretch and exercise, but I have never done it with any consistency. It's time! My twins are turning four and while I'm not gaining any weight I'm certainly not losing any, and I want to feel better about myself. I don't have bad self esteem, I just haven't liked my middle too much since having twins. I'm hoping a little toning will help me feel better about looking down :) Happy New Year everyone!!!

On a brighter note I hit Target's toy clearance yesterday and found some great deals for the twins' birthdays. Yay!!! The clearance is all at once this year, last year it was tiered and I had to keep checking back, but got awesome deals at 90% off - not this year!! They threw everything on clearance either 50% or 75% off and said that's it. Must be the economy?

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