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Jan 16, 2012

Publix Apron Meals

My 12 year old loves to make Publix Apron Meals. He grabs new recipes every time we go grocery shopping, and makes them almost every time we have the ingredients and will let him. We always help, he's not up to cutting up chicken and such, but he watches and learns and makes most of the meal. Tonight he made us an amazing Hunter's Chicken with white rice and corn. He hates mushrooms, but as we're figuring out he likes them in Apron Meals! He ate the mushrooms and the diced tomatoes in the dish, happily. I will admit I cannot stand mushrooms of any kind, but once I pushed them aside the meal was amazing - and I mean it, my 12 year old cooked an amazing meal with some help from dad!

I have been so happy that he wants to cook at all, I bought him the little binder to put all the recipes in and he has quite a cookbook now. We put stars on the recipes that taste good and throw away the ones we don't like, and he probably has 70 to 80 recipes in his book already! It's such a nice way to learn how to cook, all of the aprons meals are super easy to prepare and you can watch the Aprons chef make it in the store, and try hers, if you shop around lunchtime.

Granted most are not written as gluten free, but as long as you know your ingredients you can easily make most of them gluten free! Tonight's meal was gluten free by nature, very healthy dish. Can you tell I'm really proud?!

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