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Mar 8, 2012

New Fruits to try

Our family is trying new foods. So far we're taste testing fruits we have never tried, then we'll move on into veggies. I don't like many veggies so this is going to be difficult for me, and I have to set a good example!

Have you ever eaten a pluot? They're really yummy!! A pluot is a mix between a plum and apricot, but is mostly plumlike. It's got a smooth skin and a sweet taste. There are many varieties of pluots, we have tried a few and our favorite so far are the dinosaur eggs and the flavor grenades.
The skin has that bit of tartness to it like plums do, we find these to be a very satisfying treat! We also like to add it to our gluten free chex cereal to jazz up the same old breakfast :)

How about a star fruit? This one didn't go over quite as well as the pluot in our house. It's citrusy, is a bit lemony and doesn't have a burst of flavor like you would expect from fruit. However we all tried it, which is a step in the right direction! To prepare it I washed it, and sliced the brown edges off of the "star points", then sliced it. It has seeds similar to apple seeds, so I flicked them out as you can see in the photo. All in all it wasn't a bad taste, but we probably won't be buying it again... unless we make a citrus salad, then it would be great! Or maybe I'll try it with a little grenadine... I wonder if it has any good vitamins in it?

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