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Jul 4, 2011

ever wonder...

I remember listening to women around me talk when I was a child - while I was sitting in the hair salon while my mom's dye sat, or in line at the grocery store, places like that. I would listen to the "talk" around me, and sometimes I would hear these women gossip about how certain hairsprays could make your hair fall out, or that cell phones were going to kill everyone, or that video games would bring the end of civilization. I really did hear all of those at one point or another, sometimes over and over again!! I would sit there wondering where the heck these women heard these tall tales and why they believed them enough to warn others about them!!!

Well, today I got my answer. My mom brings over magazines from time to time for me to read through when she's done with them - I like Martha Stewart's Living especially around holidays. Lots of great ideas. Today I read the Health she brought, and it actually had an entire article on 11 things you should only buy organic, and listed the "scary" reasons why. Before I go any further let me state that I have tested buying organic options and it tripled my grocery bill. Tripled. The article stated that milk is bad for you because it can account for 60 to 70 percent of the estrogens we consume. Do these people not understand we are drinking "breastmilk" from a lactating cow - c'mon, how could it NOT contain hormones?!!! The article went on to say BPA is hiding everywhere and soaking into our food - in the lining of cans, in tupperware, water bottles. So we're not supposed to buy canned tomatoes now because the BPA in the lining can kill us. Thanks. One part of the article actually quotes part of a book stating that we can give our children leukemia using yard pesticides then walking it inside! It states we could be losing our memories because of chemicals in our mattresses, our all purpose cleaners are going to make our boys sterile, and eating beef is going to give us breast cancer because of the hormones used to treat the cow. The best one was that our pots and pans emit toxic gasses that are giving us "allergy like symptoms".

So to sum the article up, I'm going to get breast cancer from eating burgers, get allergy symptoms from the pan I cooked the burgers with, and zero my husband's sperm count with the reheated corn I stored in tupperware and the bottle of water I gave him with dinner. I will further raise my chances of getting breast cancer by using canned tomatoes in our rice and drinking a glass of milk with dinner. I'll make my boys sterile cleaning up the kitchen after we eat. This after my husband treats the ants out back, giving our children leukemia. But it won't bother me because my mattress will erase it all from my memory while I sleep.

I started laughing out loud when I read that our mattresses could be causing memory loss. Where the h*ll do these women get those idiotic ideas? FROM THE MAGAZINES THEY READ!! No wonder women have to constantly fight the stereotype of men being the smarter sex!!

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