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Jul 20, 2011

Sick from gluten

I "glutened" myself twice over the past few weeks, and still am unsure exactly how. I get sick from the tiniest crumb of gluten, so it's hard to trace where it came from. I sit wondering, did I kiss one of the twins after they ate a cheese it? Did I not clean the table or counters well enough? Is it the potholders I used? In the end I never really figure out what made me sick, and it took a week the first time (this month) and at least a week and a half the second time to get over. I have glutened myself in the past, but certainly not often and not twice in one month!

I am one of those celiacs who get sick off any gluten at all - Amy's brand gluten free products make me sick sometimes so I have stopped eating them. And I know when I'm sick from gluten, it's a special sick that only comes from eating gluten. So all these new fad products that slap "Gluten Free!" on their box aren't really completely gluten free!!! Makes me sick... literally and figuratively. When I eat any gluten at all I am sick for about two hours after the crumb, all night if we use the wrong pancake mix by mistake. After that I sort of go numb in the abdomen area, to forget the pain. Every time I eat it will hurt for an hour or so, just a general feeling of malaise. And I always feel full for the first few days after eating gluten, I can't figure out if that's physical or mental! Oh and just for fun I usually break out with a few rockin pimples, I'm guessing from the stress.

So to anyone else who suffers through the severe sensitivity I have developed, you are not alone. I can't decide which is worse - to get sick from even a microscopic crumb of bread or to not know you aren't completely gluten free and continue to hurt your insides...

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