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Jul 22, 2011

Preschool is so fun!

We officially started preschool at home with the twins, and it has been really fun. As a parent I had already given them some playdoh, let them paint a few times, and we of course read every day - but having a theme for the month, and getting into the preschool attitude has really got me going on a lot! I was a pre-k teacher for a few years, and have all of my old lesson plans and a number of the books. I have been given/freecycled a ton more preschool items, we are ready to go! I decided to go with a theme for each month, and loosely follow one of my old pre-k curriculums. I make a one page lesson plan for the month, and list books I want to read with them, projects to do for art and for the letters and numbers of the month, and what skill we want to focus on for each month. Since they aren't school aged yet I don't have to report to the state so I'm not keeping track of times, etc. we'll have years and years of that ahead of us!

This month we have started cutting with scissors, and have painted with brushes and hands so far. They love playdoh (seriously, at least an hour a day of playdoh time!) and have loved almost every book we have read, their favorite being The Very Greedy Bee. Thing Two got up and walked away after a few pages of Where the Wild Things Are, he really didn't like the book. That's a first for me, maybe he didn't like the monsters! I am just so excited to see the boys learning and laughing so much, and am so happy we decided to start school now. We have a little bulletin board we use every morning, and pin up what month it is, day of the week, weather, and their names. They love it! We also have their behavior charts up there, which they are counting stickers on constantly. I haven't decided on a reward yet... have to soon!

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