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Aug 14, 2011

Christmas Shoe Box Donations

Did anyone participate in Operation Christmas Child last year? I did, I gave three shoe boxes full of items off of their list. I decided to see if I could put together three boxes this year with items I get for free or for under a dollar, taking advantage of sales and coupons. So far I have a box for a 10 to 14 yr old girl and a 10 to 14 yr old boy. I had one box for toddler items, but had to expand to two boxes because the first was so full! I have a toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, soap, crayons, stretch gloves or mittens, and floss in each box. Thanks to the recent clearance sales with back to school items and toy clearances I have been able to add some awesome puzzles, memory games, puppets, and sidewalk chalk to the younger kids' boxes, and have been able to put pencil boxes full of pens and pencils, composition notebooks, scissors, jax games, decks of cards, and various other small school supplies in the older kids' boxes! And I have kept a running tally of what I have spent on all the boxes - $3.12! My boxes are almost full, just a few more free finds and they will be ready to journey to a child for Christmas! I did have an issue trying to find a donation site nearby, but there are so many participating churches around I just asked friends until I found someone who could take them to their church :) YAY! It feels nice to know we are helping a child's Christmas be a little nicer, and we will spend less than the cost of one lunch at a fast food stop for four boxes full of presents!!!

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  1. Last year our family did two operation christmas child boxes with our church and I probably spent twenty dollars per box.This was before I really started couponing,when I started the first thing I thought was YAY!! now I'll be able to donate more shoeboxes and toys etc. at the holidays. So I've been saving up little treasures and great deals for the upcoming holiday season.Obviously couponing is great for my family of five (kids=Son 7,twin son and daughter 6yrs.)but it's great to help others in need as well and to teach the children also.Your doing a wonderful thing,who knew giving could be so much fun right?