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Aug 26, 2012

Banana Shake - great for kids!

I first want to say these are naturally gluten free, most fruits don't have any gluten in them!

I have been making these shakes for my kiddos in the mornings, and I always polish off whatever's left in the blender! This makes more of a flavored milk than a shake consistency, which is perfect for my fussy-about-food twins. I just give them a sippy cup filled with the banana shake instead of their morning milk, and they chug it right down. The best part is it's full of good nutrients like protein! They are definitely in a weird food stage! They went through a period of not eating any meat, and now are against all fruits except apples and bananas. Ugh! At least I can hide good fruits and veggies in shakes, potatoes and mac n cheese! Yes - I'm that mom who puts sweet potatoes in my mac and cheese, and I sneak cauliflower into my mashed potatoes. Whatever works, right?!

To make the shake I throw everything into my blender until it's creamy! I use 1 banana, 1 1/2C milk,
blob in some honey (I don't know, maybe 2 to 3 Tbs), 1/2 C ice and depending on what's in season I might throw another fruit in. Today I added a little flavor grenade pluot that was too mushy to cut up and eat. Sometimes I add peaches, or some mango, but whatever you throw in don't put the skin in too - it'll change how it tastes and the consistency. That recipe will usually fill two sippy cups and give Big Kid a glass he's happy with. I do from time to time make a second batch, because I can't double this and still fit it in my blender. I have an antique blender that wasn't too great when it was new... I'll get a new one someday!!!

My favorite taste in my shakes is the honey. I bought a gallon (yes, a gallon) of honey from a local bee farm, and ohhhhh is it wonderful. I ordered the sourwood honey this time, if we ever run out I'll try the wildwood maybe! I am secretly hoping some of it crystallizes, my grampa used to spread crystallized honey on his toast when I was young and I haven't had any since he passed away. I love bees! We have a bee/butterfly garden out back, and most of my flowers up front are well loved by the bees. Bees are too beneficial to ignore!

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