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Aug 18, 2012

High School Science

Here's where I admit I'm a total science nerd. Chemistry was my absolute favorite thing about high school! I can't WAIT to start "real science" with Big Kid! I made an amazon wish list of things I will need for 9th grade Biology, and realized I'm super excited even to start Biology. We'll be dissecting all sorts of creatures, getting a REAL microscope, making REAL slides to study... I CAN'T WAIT! See, my inner nerd is showing! I don't have the text I plan to use yet, Pearson's Biology: Exploring Life, but I have been poking around the used bookstores to see if it's available used. I feel it would be worth it even if I have to pay full price for it, everything I have read about it makes me think this is the book for us. I'm really torn about chemistry at home - I want Big Kid to experience a true chem lab for experiments, which of course I can't provide at home, but he could take chemistry at college as a senior as a dual enrolled student... or I could just give him 10th grade chem at home and do my best and he can really dive in when he's a freshman in college... lots to think about!!

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