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Aug 9, 2012

Gluten Free Weekly Menu

People ask me all the time "What DO you eat" after I tell them I can't eat wheat, oats, barley or rye. I laugh and tell them I eat the same things I used to, just gluten free! They look at me with very strange eyes! I thought I would post a week's worth of meals at our house, just to show that we really do eat "normal" foods!! Now keep in mind I'm now feeding a 13yr old giant gluten free as well, the child eats like he's going into hibernation he's growing so quickly. I don't eat every single thing listed here, but he does!

I put all my veggies and snacks into ziploc bags to keep serving size from becoming an issue, so if I say "kettlecorn" it means a ziploc bag of one serving ;) And we drink all sorts of juices and water at our house - once in awhile we'll throw a bottle of Dr. Publix or cream soda in the mix. Our fave juice is V8 Splash, mmmmmm! I also want to note I use what is in season and what I have laying around, so this week for example you'll see lots of seasonal fruit, some of my zaycon chicken, and a bunch of tomatoes we received from a friend's garden. Our menus change weekly with the meat and fruit sales around town, and of course as the seasons change our menus change to reflect the new "in season" foods!

Day 1
Fruit bowl for breakfast, yum! Right now we have pluots of varying colors and flavors, kiwi, strawberries and blueberries, bananas and some nectarines and peaches.
Midmorning snack of carrots dipped in Kraft buttermilk ranch dressing
For lunch we made hot sandwiches using Udi's bread, miracle whip, lettuce, swiss cheese, and Boar's Head maple honey turkey. YUUUM! 
Afternoon snacks for Big Kid - kettlecorn, envirokids rice bar, bag of fresh cherries
Dinner has been in the crockpot all day - roast beef with veggies, it's a very flavorful yummy roast! Here's the recipe I use:

Crockpot Roast Beef
a few pounds of roast
2 Tbs butter
1 C water
1 Tbs worcestershire sauce
1 clove garlic
1 bay leaf
1/2 onion, sliced
1 tsp sugar
1 envelope Sazon Con Azafran (found with taco makings, usually at Publix for us)
1/2 C ketchup
dash of flour (I use The Gluten Free Pantry's All Purpose Flour)
veggies - I use carrots and potatoes

Put crockpot on high, place sliced onions and butter in crockpot. Sprinkle with flour. In a medium bowl combine the water, worcestershire sauce, garlic, bay leaf, sugar, sazon and ketchup. Set aside. Once the butter melts stir until pasty, then place roast on top of onions. Pour the liquid mixture over the meat, and turn the crockpot to low. Now here's where tastes will vary - I don't like firm veggies in my stews, so I boil my cut up carrots and potatoes for a half an hour then throw them in with the meat. If the liquid won't cover them I add another cup of water. Some folks like firm veggies, I personally don't! You can cook the veggies first or just throw em in raw, your choice. Once everything is in the pot cook on low for six hours.

Big Kid will usually have some sort of ice cream or popsicles as dessert. I join him from time to time!

Day 2
Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese for breakfast 
Midmorning snack of cauliflower with dip (few spoons of miracle whip, dash of worcestershire sauce, squirt of dijon mustard, and squirt of ketchup - until it's light peachy colored)
Lunch today is macaroni and cheese (quinoa elbow noodles and the packet of cheese from a box of velveeta shells and cheese, just wash the cheese packet off before using!)
Afternoon snacks of a kiwi, banana, and Smart Puff cheesy poofs
Dinner is Buffalo Chicken Wings with sweet potato fries - baked chicken wings with oil rubbed on the skin, then buffalo sauce is franks red hot mixed with margarine. MMMM good!

Day 3
This is our errands day so we have Envirokids cereal for breakfast
Steak and Shake provides lunch, frisco melts without the buns
Afternoon snack is the leftover mac and cheese 
Dinner turned out to be easy, tacos! We like Old El Paso's kits, everything is gf except for the soft tacos
A friend gave us tomatoes out of her garden, so we made baked tomatoes. Omg these are good! I bake them in the oven drizzled with oil, minced garlic, rosemary and oregano. 
Dessert is Big Kid raiding the snack bin - cheesy poofs and kettlecorn I think

Day 4
Breakfast was another fruit bowl, this time we found starfruit to add
We ate carrots with Kraft buttermilk ranch for a snack
Big Kid requested sandwiches for lunch, more honey ham and turkey with Udi's bread - he ate two sandwiches by himself and wanted more
For snacks we eat a bowl of Trix cereal, and have a bag of cheesy poofs
Dinner is chicken breasts with Chef Paul Prodhomme's poultry seasoning, with veggies

Day 5
Yogurt serves as breakfast for me, Big Kid had a bowl of Envirokids cereal and a banana
Snacks are plentiful today, Big Kid is hungry! He raided the snack bin a few times - envirokids rice bars, cheesy poofs, tortilla chips, and I think an apple
Lunch is more sandwiches, my child is addicted to lunchmeat!!
Snack is a fruit bowl and some cauliflower with dip
For dinner my hubby made a dish I don't get very often - sweet and sour pork with white rice! We steam the rice in a steamer, here's the pork recipe:

Sweet and Sour Pork
pork tenderloin or leftover loin (we used the ends of a big ol' loin we cut into chops)
3 Tbs cornstarch
1 egg
La Choy's Sweet and Sour sauce
oil for wok or skillet, maybe a cup and a half total

In a medium bowl stir together cornstarch and egg. Add cut up pork and stir to coat meat. Heat up a coating of oil in pan. In small batches fry meat until coating turns a golden brown, we still cut a big one open here and there to make sure the pork is white throughout. Place the cooked meat on a paper towel to remove excess oil. When all meat is cooked remove oil from the pan and return all meat to the hot pan. Add sweet and sour sauce and heat throughout. It's now ready to serve! See, it's not that hard :)

Big Kid hit the banana flavored popsicles for dessert.

Day 6
Breakfast is a fruit bowl, and cereal. Can't keep Big Kid full!
Morning snacks are cheesy poofs, toast with nutella, yogurt
Lunch today is leftover sweet and sour pork with rice
Afternoon snack for me was carrots with buttermilk ranch dressing, Big Kid ate ice cream, carrots and ranch, cheesy poofs, tortilla chips, and cherries. 
Dinner is my old reliable, teriyaki chicken. I use my sauce recipe and chicken breasts cut up, yuuum. Served over white rice with sugar snap peas, and this time I threw in some starfruit - I always say use what you have! 
Dessert was ice cream, not sure but I think I heard Big Kid in the pantry again hitting the snack bags. It never ends with a teenager.

Day 7
Breakfast today is something new - hot quinoa! I had to seriously sweeten it for Big Kid, I liked it with just a little brown sugar and raisins. I guess I want it to be oatmeal... sometimes it's all about expectations. 
Morning snacks are starfruit and strawberries, and cheesy poofs during a test (homeschooling)
Lunch today is hot sandwiches, like grilled cheese (Udi's bread) - Big Kid eats two!
Afternoon snacking is all over the place! Yogurt, nachos, popcorn, carrots, Big Kid just can't seem to eat enough lately.
Dinner tonight is undecided as of yet, I have chicken breasts thawed... might make italian chicken in the crockpot with the leftover tomatoes we still have (cut up tomatoes, oregano, basil, garlic, chicken breasts for 6 hours on low - last half hour throw in black olive slices for fun), or maybe chicken and beans dip in the crockpot (can of black beans, jar of salsa, can of corn, chicken breasts on low for 6 hours) 
Dessert is GOING to be breakfast apple pie tonight, I'm totally craving it!

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