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Dec 19, 2010

Ok, here's my fuss for the month

I know it's December, and I should be happy about everything right now, and for the most part I am! However, I just read a post in a "community" on southern savers website. I use the site all the time for coupons and such, and they started a community I don't really understand yet. It seems to be a place for women to hang out online and talk, but I can't figure out a real navigation system or a reason to waste my time getting lost in useless chatter. Ugh. However, I popped "gluten free" in the search box and there were actually a number of posts about gluten free. The one that really caught my eye was a girl asking if going gluten free was truly a health benefit for the average person, or if it was just a fad diet.

That annoyed the snot out of me, and it wasn't her fault. It's the issue she innocently asked about. Do you know I have been told after getting sick on a "gluten free food" by the company who made it that no one has to test that a food is "completely gluten free" to label it so??? Yep, from what I have been told the gov't is trying to get some parts per million law passed but so far nothing is regulating what is actually sold as gluten free. So thank you fad dieters - while yes, you have shed some light on the plight of all of us who HAVE to eat a gluten free diet, you have now flooded the grocery stores with fakes!!

I am one of those unlucky (or lucky I guess) celiacs, if I eat even a crumb of gluten I'm sick for a few hours (for one crumb). I have gotten sick on Amy's Frozen Pizza, Amy's frozen lasagna (and that is why I don't eat Amy's!), and stupidly I once tried "gluten free oatmeal". Yes, I knew I was going to get sick but I had to prove to myself that oats can't be grown gluten free... they grow and are stored with wheat!!!

So thank you to all the companies trying to capitalize on a gluten free diet fad, for making people like me have to work even harder to find foods to eat!

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