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I am mom to a 15 year old boy and identical twin 6 year old boys. I am the wife of a wonderful man. I have had celiac disease for 15 years. Those things define me in that order, everything else falls in line! I homeschool because the public school system was just letting my smart child slip through not learning a thing, on the honor roll no less. While I eat a completely gluten free diet I don't keep a gluten free household. No reason to make the kids suffer with me! I am writing a gluten free cookbook (slowly!) because I can't stand all the gluten free recipes out there that use five hundred flours, and I want to eat normal food like non-celiacs do. Just like I used to, I use one all purpose flour that ROCKS, The Gluten Free Pantry's All Purpose Flour. No, I do not get paid to say that ;) Every recipe on my blog can also be made with regular flour, use it just like I use my gf flour!

Nov 7, 2011

Gluten Free Slump

I have totally been in a food slump lately. I grabbed some Udi's bread last week, which usually inspires me to make awesome sandwiches - toasted ham and cheese, tuna melts, maybe a good ol' grilled cheese. The last few weeks have been just bleh food weeks for me! I have been using the bread to make jellied toast. Not very exciting! I have been eating black beans, salsa, corn and boiled chicken thrown together on chips instead of real meals, since it's faster to make "normal" meals compared to gluten free meals. I just haven't had any "get up and go" to make gluten free meals! Maybe I need some inspiration... or maybe it's just knowing I have a lot of cooking ahead of me with the holidays coming! I can't stand getting everyone together and worrying about gluten - it's so much of a pain when people ask "oh, what can I make for you?"! My immediate response is "don't worry, I'll bring my own". I know it aggravates the person inquiring, but they won't get sick if they mistakenly mix their noodles and my whatever stovetop. I will. Nothing is worse than being violently ill all night Christmas night! I wish gluten free was easier to understand...

I do enjoy baking Christmas cookies. Every year I'm torn between making them with normal cheap flour and possibly breathing too much in, wiping my face by mistake... or using my expensive flour to make cookies to give to neighbors and friends. At $4 per small box my flour gets expensive fast, but do I want to risk using real flour? I have a month to choose. In the meantime maybe that is what has me off cooking - knowing I have a LOT of cooking ahead of me!

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