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Nov 21, 2011

Thank You Udi's!

Someone at Udi's loves me - seriously. Let me explain. I eat "normal" food - I can't stand health food, I called it all bird seed until I was forced into gluten free eating by the diagnosis of Celiac Disease. I still don't like health food, but I do eat granola type stuff for breakfast - sometimes. Gone are those warm bowls of oatmeal on cold mornings... turkey and swiss on toasted white bread... bagels with cream cheese and raspberry jam... drippy greasy bacon burgers smothered in cheese and thousand island dressing...

Those foods were all gone until I discovered Udi's. I have tried multiple varieties of Rudi's bread, which all fell apart and were just not my cup of tea. I have tried a few of the Ezekiel breads, all great if you like health food and don't expect wonderbread. I expect wonderbread. Since discovering Udi's bread stand at my local grocery store I have been regularly buying their white bread. It's awesome bread, just very small ;) Not wonderbread soft, but who cares if it tastes really good, doesn't fall apart, or mold in an afternoon! I absolutely love Udi's hamburger buns - I use them for their intended purpose as well as in place of biscuits, as rolls, I even toast them and put jelly on them! Yummy! Then I found Udi's bagels, and my toasted bagels with cream cheese and raspberry jam dreams returned. I went to the store over the weekend and found - drumroll please - Cinnamon Raisin Bread from Udi's. Of course I paid $5.99 for the loaf, I would have bought two if they had another one! It's sweet, toasts well and stays together just like "real" bread, and it tastes just like I remember Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Raisin Swirl bread tasting. Yes, that was my favorite bread of all time. I am in heaven! I have had four pieces already, toasted with a little margarine on top. HEAVEN!

So thank you Udi's for making such wonderful make mommy happy products! I still haven't seen the hot dog buns, I can't wait to have a hot dog IN A BUN! It's been what, 8 or 9 years now since I had a hot dog wrapped in bready awesomeness, drowned with ketchup and sweet relish, topped with some cheese... ok now I'm drooling ;) And no, I did not get paid for saying any of this!

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