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Feb 4, 2012


Today's word of advice is ALWAYS GET CONTACT INFORMATION from a witness, no matter what the details of how an accident happens. I was shopping in Michael's and heard "will the owner of a black honda pilot parked near the front of the store please come to the cashier station". I was shown someone's iphone with a photo of my car's license plate on it, and was told the person who hit me isn't going anywhere. I gave my mother the few items I had in my hands and my twins in their stroller, and walked out to find a crowd around the back of my car, and dents in my bumper and rear door.

A 21 year old woman hit my car with a mitsubishi mirage and totaled her car.

I couldn't figure out how someone could do so much damage backing out of a parking space until I realized she must have smashed the gas instead of the brake. Wow. She did the right thing, she called the police and they came and filled out an "accident exchange of information" sheet, but no report since we were in a parking lot. My insurance company said I should have gotten some contact information from the witnesses, there were a lot of them. I assumed I wouldn't need any witnesses since I wasn't even in the car, but right now it's my word (and photos) against hers. I am sure she can't fight it, it's very obvious she hit my car - it's just frustrating to not have done the right thing. My pilot took the hit like a champ, minimal damage and whoa did her car crumple. I am proud to drive a pilot today, this is why they are expensive - they are worth every penny!!!

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  1. OMGOSH i am so glad you are ok! my SIL has a pilot.