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Feb 11, 2010

Cut Out Cookies

I have a great recipe for sugar cookies, that makes delicious pretty cookies. However, it makes a ton so I can share at christmastime! I wanted to try a smaller recipe today, just to have a batch of sugar cookies to ice and have as a treat. I poked around online since it would be very hard to cut my recipe in half, and found one that got lots of good reviews. I substituted my all purpose gf flour as I always do, and while the cookies taste good it was the worst dough I have ever worked with. Too many liquids I guess! I need to get going on my cookbook, get it finished and published, even if it's only for my own use. My recipes are everywhere...

I heard again the other day about a woman who knew she had celiac disease, decided she was gluten free "enough" and went on to have five miscarraiges - so far. She is still trying and refuses to believe it has anything to do with gluten, yet she still eats things I will get sick from, even the lipstick she wears contains gluten! I can't be around people like that, I take celiac disease so seriously it bothers me when I meet someone like her who doesn't. She and her family will suffer until she figures it out on her own I guess, it's just so sad! I wish there was a book about celiac disease that was easy reading that you could just hand the title of to people, it could educate so many people!

I looove icing! I do have quite a sweet tooth, but I love both sweet and savory foods. I guess I'm glad I have a good metabolism, I love all kinds of food! Time to taste a yummy cookie!

If anyone is interested I will post my cookie recipe, but I use two - the one I used to make these is my complicated time consuming recipe that makes show stopping cookies. I sometimes make regular old sugar cookies that don't have the perfect stand up sides, perfect color and amazing butter taste... they are just easier.

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