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Feb 24, 2010

Zenni Optical Eyeglasses

Zenni optical has my vote for glasses! These are my new glasses that I ordered with antireflective coating, scratch coating, high index lenses so I don't look like the bottom of a coke bottle, and clip on polarized sunglasses - for $56. Yep, $56 bucks. I have been wearing them for a week and the only thing I can even find that could possibly be called "lower quality" is the black pieces that slide over the metal over my ears wiggle a teeny weeny bit. Not noticable unless you are really inspecting the glasses, and that does not affect wear at all. I am sold! I love these new glasses!! The only thing that threw me for a loop was when you are ordering you need to know the distance between your pupils - and doctors don't write that on your script. You have to ask them to, so I just asked a friend to measure for me, and my glasses are AWESOME!! I hate glasses, and wear contacts most of the time, but these are really growing on me. Excellent. My last pair of glasses cost me around $700, to get the high index lenses, the coatings, everything I have on the new ones, and after a month they had such a scratch across one lens I couldn't drive with them on anymore, and had to watch tv out of the edge of the lenses. I recommend zenni to anyone wearing glasses!!! Now they don't accept insurance, but if you are like me and your insurance covers glasses OR contacts, I opt for contacts and wait for glasses. Well, no more waiting!


*update 3.22.10 - I ran to target today for some freebies, and the target optical center will adjust any glasses from anywhere at no charge. How nice was that?! Now my glasses that were knocked off kilter by a loving toddler storm are nice and straight again. :)

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