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Feb 24, 2010

My Honda Pilot

Yes, I drive a pilot - a big black pilot. I had up to this car always driven small cars that were cheap and comfy. I hated the pilot when I first started driving it, but with twins it was a necessary evil. I now lovingly refer to it as the "short bus", it is one of my favorite cars I have ever owned. I have in the past tried and tried with different carseats to install two carseats next to each other, to no avail. So my middle row had a carseat on either end, and my ten year old has been smooshing himself between them. I had to sit between the seats last weekend, and I couldn't believe how oversized I was for that seat. I am 5'4", and am maybe ten pounds overweight - I should have plenty of room in a honda pilot! So I looked into trading in for an odyssey, but it wasn't a good fit. Past experiences have taught me to call a parts dept manager when you have questions about your car's interior, so I did. This man deserves an award in my opinion! He told me I wasn't doing it right if I couldn't get two carseats next to each other in my car, and he was totally right! I had been trying to put one behind the passenger seat, and one in the middle, putting the end one in first. Nope - put the middle one in first and then put one behind the driver, and they fit perfectly! Talk about feeling stupid... ha! There is enough room now for a grown man to sit next to my carseats in my second row, and I am elated. I can't explain my joy at being able to keep my car! I know it has a third row, but it really isn't accessible easily. With two carseats installed you can't fold down the end seat on the second row, no matter what you do, and even if you could the seat doesn't fold flat so it's mountain climbing to get to the back. The back seats are small by nature, and not very comfortable. If you use the back hatch for entry into the third row you can't close the door from the inside, someone has to stand there with a butt in their face until the back passenger is in and close the door for them! Not my cup of tea. So in the end I am back to loving my pilot - and I plan to drive it until it won't drive anymore!!!

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