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Feb 19, 2010

Remember When...

I bought some blistex lip stuff today for my chapped lips, and when I opened it the smell brought me right back to my shiny tinkerbell lip gloss when I was five or six! I remember vividly how it smelled, how it felt on my lips, because I felt like a "big girl" wearing lipstick! It surprises me sometimes how a simple smell can bring on such a surge of strong memories. There is a particular antique car smell that I only find at car shows, or if we are by chance behind a model T or A on the street ... and that smell reminds me of how my grandfather's shirts smelled. He was always working on a model A in the summers, and that specific smell makes me smile every time I am near it. The smell of woodstoves in very cold weather takes me back to NY winters, makes me feel like I'm "home" for some reason! I wonder what connects those specific smells to memories in your mind, there is so much in our heads that we don't realize!!! Ha, or probably use as we should ;)

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