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Jul 3, 2012

My son has celiac disease

:( Unfortunately I have passed this lovely disease onto my oldest son. He's 13. I think I am taking it harder than he is. When I told him he simply hugged me and told me he doesn't blame me. He then asked if we could make custard and creme filled donuts at home! Priorities I guess ha!

I have been dealing with celiac disease and the gluten free diet since July 2006. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on it yet I'm going to the doctor in a few days to find out if I am anemic. Apparently I don't have a "great" handle on the diet! I certainly don't want my son to become anemic, so I may make an attempt to find a dietitian who actually knows about celiac disease. The one I went to when I was diagnosed couldn't get past the "no wheat" part, and kept telling me to eat toast and oatmeal to help my body recover from the years of diarrhea. Um, no thank you. I have a hard time giving some health professionals enough credit. For six years I was told I had HIV, then when the tests came back negative I was told I had IBS and was sent on my merry way. For six years. I knew the doctors were morons, IBS does not make you have the symptoms I had. I assumed I had cancer and they just couldn't find it, even with all the colonoscopies they did. I bled a lot, it really was horrifying. Now I know it was my body busily killing the villi in my small intestine! Who knew?!

All of that said I guess I should just be really, really thankful that my son didn't have to go through what I did before finding out we were celiacs! And yes, I'm willing to give dietitians another go, maybe I'll find someone who wows me. I still can't believe I have passed celiac down to my child :(

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  1. Hi i dont know where you live but i did see something about your husband calling you a redneck :) but my daughter is 2 years old and is an extremely highly sensitive celiac she was just diagnosef in October. My point is we live in alabama on the gulf coast and her nutritionist is wonderful mainly because she has celiacs as well shes very inexpensive and she also allows you to call anytime for advice she gave.me her cell number!! Told me to go to publix and ask them to let me have some of the things she has preordered in the back that they dont normally carry. Today shes gathering me someinfo and mailing it because we have really had a rough time being that she is so sensitive and only a baby still. If you would like her info just let me know