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Jul 26, 2012

Zaycon Chicken

This is my first time buying meat in bulk. My first time ordering from Zaycon Foods, first time getting fresh chicken. I had nothing in my new chest freezer, and had no clue how to use the new foodsaver machine I bought in anticipation of the bulk chicken order from Zaycon!

So first I have to say it was super easy picking up my order. There was a refridgerated truck in the parking lot at the given address, I gave them my name and bam - they put plastic down and put the box o' chicken in my car and I was off. Did you know that fresh chicken actually has a pleasant odor to it? I have always bought my chicken from a local grocery store, and even if you use it right away - when you first open the package it has a little smell of death on it. You know what I'm talking about! The fresh chicken smelled... well, nice! I was floored. The chicken breasts you get from Zaycon are collosus and I mean HUGE. I am totally impressed with the quality of meat I received and will definitely be ordering from them again!!

It took me two and a half hours to trim and bag all the meat, but keep in mind I was a newbie to using my food saver. I put the bags of chicken on cookie sheets and in my freezer, so I could work with one bag at a time and not spoil the rest. It was awkward because I didn't find my rhythm until the last bag. I washed my hands at every turn until my hands were stinging, so I looked at it logically. I ended up trimming an entire bag, throwing away the fat (there wasn't a lot!), washing hands, and putting a breast and a half in each foodsaver bag. I figure with six of us eating that is plenty - that's how big the chicken breasts are! I went through two 10ft foodsaver rolls, but it took me awhile to get the size of the bags right. I also had to let the sealer cool off a few times - but overall I'm very pleased with the little machine I bought. I got the 2400 series, and it just rocks. Of course, I have yet to look in the freezer to make sure everything I did yesterday is still sealed... but I have high hopes!!

Overall I am extremely pleased and I saved a ton of money!! I paid $1.79lb for the boneless skinless chicken breasts, and around my parts if the chicken isn't on sale it's $4.99lb. Substantial savings for us :)

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