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Feb 7, 2011

Bragging Rights!

As a mother I have to brag about this one. Big Kid has wanted to be a dentist since he was five years old, and last week the twins had their first dental cleaning. While at the pediatric dentist's office Big Kid asked how long our dentist had to be in college to get his degree, and he said 8 yrs for general dentistry, 10 for pediatrics. He said if Big Kid ever wanted to he could come shadow him for a few hours. You would have thought he offered him a new video game he was so excited!

We scheduled a two hour block this afternoon for Big Kid to shadow the dentist. When I came to pick him up he looked like he was leaving a theme park he was so happy! The dentist came and jumped into the chair next to me and told me what a great afternoon they had, Big Kid was proud to tell me he asked lots of questions and witnessed a crown being put on! He asked if he could come back sometime to see a tooth being pulled, and the dentist asked him if he wanted to make it a monthly event - so the first Monday of every month Big Kid is going to be shadowing a pediatric dentist! WOW!! Our dentist is awesome, sort of reminds me of a clean version of Dane Cook. Very personable and seems very comfortable with himself - a happy person. I am just so impressed that he cares enough about my child to want to do this! I think he's pretty impressed, the office staff said they have never had a single child interested in shadowing anyone there - ever! Big Kid was jumping up and down tonight, saying "I want to do it again I want to do it again!".

Hubby and I are so proud that he already knows exactly what career path he plans to walk, and that he is going out there and getting such an early start!! How many almost 12 yr olds are already shadowing a professional in the field they want to work in?! Yep, this is me wearing my proud mama face :)

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