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Feb 7, 2011

Paying it forward

Remember I posted a few weeks ago about that great second pantry I built, using the shelves from a friend's mom's house that was getting repossessed? Well we went back to the house over the weekend to pick up the brand new mattress and boxspring, and for one last "go over" before the bank changes the locks. I was only looking for things my family could use, when I realized there were piles of clothes everywhere that still had tags on them - Macy's, Kohl's, at least a thousand dollars worth of clothing just laying there! I realized I should do SOMETHING with them, a woman's shelter or something of that nature would love them! I don't know of any elderly centers that take donations, or of a shelter nearby to where we were... but I knew I could give them to the assistance league that was on our way home! So I found trash bags and took seven or eight bags of either new or almost new clothes and shoes to the assistance league. I didn't document it or ask for a receipt, I don't want the tax write off, I just wanted them to go to someplace good! The assistance leagues in major cities do so much good with the money they make selling clothes just like that, and the clothes they sell for such a cheap price that alone helps so many!

I feel good having done a good thing. I don't get the opportunity to donate often, we don't have extra money, but this feels good to have helped at least someone somewhere :)

*UPDATE* The assistance league only takes clean sellable clothing, and even though most of this had tags on it they all had a bit of cat hair so they said no thanks over the phone. I called a local women's shelter, which turned out to say no as well because of the cat hair. I got so frustrated! None of it needed to be washed, just brushed off and I explained that, didn't matter!!! So I opened all the bags, shook the clothing off outside and put them back in the bags. I called Goodwill and they said they will happily take the clothing, and thanks for shaking it off but they would have happily done it. They seemed so happy to be getting a donation of so much clothes, totally opposite of the others I called. So I documented it all and took the tax write off, after using the Goodwill's site for figuring donations it added up to over $1400 in donations! I am happy that we helped, but I am sure the tax receipt will help ;)

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