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Feb 28, 2011

Scary Weather!

When the tornado sirens all went off at once we jumped to action! I am proud of how quickly we got the cat carriers, threw the cats in them and secured them in our innermost downstairs room! Within a minute everyone had shoes on and the animals were secure, I was ready to batten down the hatches and ride out the tornado. It didn't hit thankfully, but what a scary ten minutes - seeing nothing but white outdoors because the rain and wind were so severe, hearing all the sirens going off and knowing what that means!!! The twins had no clue, they were so happy that we gave them flashlights and turned the lights off, it was simply a new game to them. Big Kid was a tad worried, but we made it through just fine :) Severe weather is scary no matter where you live!!! We were still "at school" when my mom called and told me to pay attention, thank you Mom!!!

Out front our mulch got spattered out of the garden, glad I didn't put down the new mulch I just bought today! Makes me think I might want to put something in to prevent the mulch from washing away... I just hate the idea of putting large "rocks" right in front of our windows!!

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