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Mar 5, 2011

More new shoes?!

This deal I just had to post about! I have been looking at Sanita clogs for my mom, she really really wants a funky pair and they are oh so comfortable. I am not familiar with the Sanita brand, but they used to make Dansko's and I am very familiar with them. Very supportive, well made shoes!

So my mom and I stopped at DSW today to grab a replacement pair of her fave minnetonka flip flops, and while perusing the clearance rack what did I find? MY favorite pair of Sanita clogs on sale, 40% off $60!!! They were the only pair in the store, and it happened to be my exact size. The moment I put them on I was in love!! After my $10 off coupon I didn't know I had (thank you DSW rewards) I spent $34 on them, and at Abba Dabba's the exact same pair was marked $130!!! AWESOME DEAL!!!!!

Just had to brag, I don't usually find great deals on "real shoes"! My feet are soooo happy!

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