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Mar 15, 2011

Journey To The Stars DVD

Talk about a let down. First let me say I did get this dvd for free a few months ago to use homeschooling Big Kid. I would have returned it had I paid for it! Let me also say I am glad we ordered it because due to the massive delay in shipping we were sent America: the Story of US as a thank you for waiting. Now THAT is an amazing set of shows!!

I am seriously hoping there is something astounding that happens during the actual planetarium show, because the dvd seems to be aimed at someone who knows nothing about our universe. The imagery is just amazing, and Whoopi Goldberg mentions some very interesting points but never goes into any details at all on them. It's barely a half hour long, and when the show was over Big Kid just stared at me and asked me if I had paid for it because he had learned more from watching the discovery channel. Wow. The planetarium show got rave reviews, but something was seriously lost in the making of the dvd.

We watched the first few episodes of America: the Story of US, and even Big Kid was almost in tears he felt so patriotic after watching the first two episodes! He is dying to watch the next in the series, I think we're up to the westward expansion. You know it's a good show on history when an 11 yr old is chomping at the bit to watch more!!

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