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Mar 7, 2011

First sign of spring?

My first flower of the year opened over the weekend, and is now covered in frost. I moved all of our daffodils last summer, I had little hope of seeing any blooms from them, so I am happy with one. Hopefully next year they will all bloom like crazy! I am done moving things in the gardens, for two years I have planted and transplanted as we have made our gardens our own. Now it's time to sit back and watch them bloom :) Happy Spring!!!

Now of course I am dying to see if the forsythia we planted grow into bushes this year, and how my daylilies will look. I have over fifteen different colors of daylilies, and I forget which colors are where. I love daylilies, and I think I have enough variety to have at least one blooming from spring to fall! Can you tell I like to garden? The fringeflower bushes are blooming magenta right now, woohoo!!!

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