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Mar 16, 2011

For Homeschooling Moms

National Geographic has some great shows - we just won't pay the ton of money Directv wants for us to get the channel! We already pay a ton and to get the package that includes NGC it would cost us another $40 a month. No way!! So we miss the opportunity to see all the educational shows on there. Well, national geographic is running a sale through the end of this month (I think!) that is 30% off all dvd's and books! After our fun at the ER with two kids we don't have money laying around, but I still ordered When Rome Ruled to use next year in 7th grade - and got $10 off the price and I had a code for free shipping! They never seem to run sales, and this one's a good one. I saw so many other dvd's and books we could really use for school, but as I'm finding out buying books is an insatiable habit for many homeschoolers! So far we still only have three bookshelves, and only one is dedicated to homeschooling materials. The other two are books we outgrew but are still too "big" for Big Kid, or books that Big Kid outgrew but are still too "big" for the twins!

So, if anyone needs something from national geographic, check it out! I plan to watch these to support when we start studying Rome, and start learning latin (at Big Kid's request).

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