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Mar 15, 2011

"Food Should Taste Good" Chips... or crackers?

Is it a chip or a cracker? I don't care what it is, the taste is AWESOME!!! I'm sure I have posted about these before, man are they satisfying. They are healthy to boot!!! Food Should Taste Good should get an award for making such a yummy gluten free goodie. They have my vote!

Why can't other companies catch on and make gluten free foods that actually taste good! There are a few so far that have gluten free down pat - envirokids rice bars are pretty good, oh and cheetos are great, trix and fruity pebbles cereal is tasty, chex of course, but where are the ritz crackers, the cream of mushroom soups, A FREAKING REAL COOKIE??? People have suggested Pamela's cookies, which are ok on their own but not if you are actually expecting a "cookie" flavor. I have finally found good noodles tho! We are using Mrs. Leeper's corn noodles and they are honestly really good! Easy to overcook, and the water turns to sludge because of the corn starch released, but that can be good if you are adding them to soups. They have the same familiar consistency as "real" noodles and have a good familiar taste to them. Eat your heart out nasty tinkyada noodles!!!

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