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Mar 28, 2011

Potty Training, FINALLY!!

Today is day two of being in "real underwear" for the twins! They turned 3 the end of January, and have been in pull ups forever (ok, it feels like forever). They are smart, and know if they have a pull up on they can use it - so they do! Potty training was barely moving until I just told them it was time to wear underwear like the rest of us! It's too easy!

Yesterday they each had an accident, couldn't make it to the bathroom in time and wet themselves. That's pretty good for day one! I am putting the pull ups back on for car rides and bedtime, not ready for wet carseats or wet beds. They don't wake up dry yet, so I don't feel they are ready for night training yet. This morning they each had another accident, both because I couldn't open the gate in time. So I moved the gate to the other side of the bathroom, and it works!! They have stayed dry all afternoon, I'm so proud of them! They want a high five every time they go potty, it's awesome.

They aren't going #2 on the pot, which I don't want to become an issue - so I put them in pull ups for a half hour today and told them this was their chance to poo if they didn't want to on the pot. They hadn't gone in two days, and usually go three to four times every day!! I know, fun topic but I felt better reading other mom's issues with potty training online and want to share. It worked, they went, so that's our next hurdle - teaching them to sit down on the pot ;)

I am so happy with the success we are seeing!!!! YAY!!!!!!! I can't WAIT to knock pampers easy ups off my grocery list for good!!!

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