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Mar 31, 2011

Today's Car Tip

If you feel your car pulling to one direction and it didn't last time you drove it, pull over and look at your tires. Chances are one of them has less air than the rest! If the tire is visibly low, you need to get your spare on and get to your tire shop. And remember, if your tires aren't new you should replace them in pairs - two new on the front, or two new on the back. Whatever you replace, the two newest ones should be your "driving wheels"! If you have a front wheel drive car, put them up front!! It is best to buy new tires four at a time, but if you are like me and drive an SUV to hold the family you sometimes just can't afford four tires at once. And believe it or not it does help the live of your tires if you rotate them on a regular basis. Most good tire shops will rotate at no charge if you bought the tires from them. They should offer free patches as well if you bought good tires there, I have always had that! Maybe that's the $4 insurance I buy for the tires...

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