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Mar 15, 2011

Pediatrician Issues

I am very unsure how to feel about this issue. We are on our third pediatrician's office since the twins were born three years ago. I am not necessarily picky, but the first office was toast when we sat in the teeny exam room for 45 minutes waiting with a child who had an ear infection, listening to the doctor just outside the door flirt with a drug rep. We actually heard him saying to her "Nonono, it's not a problem, I have some free time right now". After 45 minutes (and I'm not exaggerating) we walked out of the room, right past he and the drug rep, and requested our copay back. The office called me three times apologizing and saying that would never happen again. Like I ever want to see him again, he proved to us what's important to him and it wasn't my children. After that we went to a pediatrician a friend recommended to us, and she was even worse. Her office was so unorganized, then they made an appt for the twins to get flu shots and after we arrived and paid for them they said they made a mistake and they didn't have flu shots for little kids, only older ones. Um, hello?? Shouldn't you check in the drugs before you offer them to patients?

So here we are at our third practice, and all the doctors and nurses are very nice and seem to really know what they are doing. However two weeks ago at 4:45pm one of our children suddenly spiked a fever and got sick to his stomach, and had hit his head pretty hard the day before. I called and was told there were no nurses left in the building, and to call a nurses hotline. I did and they said they needed to speak to our pediatrician. Yeah. So I call the office back, get a recording because it's after five, and listened to the entire thing twice - it cut me off before the end of the message both times and said nothing about a number to call to get the doc on call. So I was left not speaking to a doctor. Then yesterday I realized the twins hadn't eaten all day and one hadn't drank or had a wet pull up all day. Thing Two had a fever that wouldn't break, so with all that I called the office and was told to leave a message for a nurse at 1pm. At 2:30 I called back because I couldn't wait any longer only to be told there were no more appointments and they were sorry. What?! Info that would have been useful an hour and a half ago?!

We ended up going to urgent care, who sent us to the children's hospital ER. Thing Two's pulse ox was very low (meaning his lungs weren't passing enough oxygen into his blood) and Thing One still hadn't drank or peed by 6pm. We got chest xrays, popsicles, lots of monitoring and were finally sent home once Thing One drank some milk and peed. Today I called the pediatrician's office to figure out why the heck they don't have a pediatrician on call at night and was told "If you had stayed on the line our message states a phone number you can call for after hours assistance". I did stay on the line, it cut me off twice!!!

So if you were in my position, would you start searching for another pediatrician's office? It's pretty crappy to have three kids and not really have an office you can trust :(

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