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Mar 20, 2011

Necrotic Ring Spots in our yard AND mealy bugs?!

We have alien crop circles, or that was what we called them. Every day we look out our upstairs window and wonder aloud what the heck made perfectly round semicircles on our lawn!! There are at least ten circles in our front yard alone!!! I googled dead circles in the lawn today and found photos of exactly what we have - necrotic ring spots is the name of the fungus. Yep, it's a fungus and once you have it there's nothing you can do to fix the affected areas. From what I have read we should be fertilizing the rest of the lawn and watering generously to prevent more spots from growing.

Is this what owning a house is like, always having something that needs replacing or repairing? Ok, so painting the kitchen cabinets because the white wore off to yellow was my decision and wasn't necessarily "needed" but lawn circles?! Then I realized every single one of my daylilies out front had mealy bugs on them... ugh. At least I know how to easily get rid of those, had them last spring too! I already got rid of them with a spray bottle of dishsoap and water, and a good hose. Bleh!!!

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