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Mar 21, 2011

New Zenni Glasses

Zenni has done it again! Thing Two's glasses came, same glasses as Thing One but a slightly stronger script. He LOVES them! He did scream the first time we tried putting them on, he is after all three, but this morning I slipped them on, he fussed at me then realized he could see! I took them off after a half hour in case he was getting a headache (happened to Thing One) but he asked for them back! He even told me he likes his new glasses. I am just floored!!!

Hopefully this will make the "esotropia" go away with the twins. I know it'll take time, but I have high hopes! They were doomed for glasses, I am honestly amazed Big Kid doesn't need them! Everyone in my family wears them except him! Dad's family wears them as well, the twins had no chance ;)

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