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Mar 23, 2011

Spring, finally!

Yep, spring is definitely setting in down south. Allergies are awful, pollen is turning the cars green, and plants are flowering everywhere! Daffodils are almost already past, all the forsythia are yellow, the bradford pear trees are green again, cherry trees are in full bloom, and there are little grape hyacinth all over my yard blooming! I like the grape hyacinth so much - such a little plant but so much color! Only one of my daffodils bloomed this year, the only reason I can think of is we moved them last fall and must have messed up their "storage" for blooms. We'll see what next spring brings for them I guess!

Next out should be some daylilies, I can't WAIT for them to start opening!! I love daylilies, I have a ton of varieties out front and about 200 orange wild ones out back. Even when they aren't blooming the greenery is so nice! The butterfly garden is budding again, we are looking forward to seeing how that does this year as well. It has sweet william, bee balm, two butterfly bushes and some lilies and iris in it. Cool!!! I love gardening, can you tell?

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