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Feb 27, 2011

No Candy in our Easter Baskets!!

Thing One and Thing Two don't eat candy. Thing One won't even eat a vitamin because he thinks it's candy! This is not my doing, I love candy. It's just them! The dentist says it's great, their teeth are absolutely perfect (it helps Big Kid wants to be a dentist so everyone is all about brushing). This does make it "different" for the bunny to fill their baskets for Easter!!

Big Kid will get a basket with some of his fave candies and a few toys, maybe a few new star wars little lego sets. I found matching pinwheels for the twins' baskets, and little bug magnifiers to throw in there. I'm trying to figure out what else to put in. Hot Wheels, bouncy balls, maybe a little stuffed bunny or duck? They have so many boxes of crayons and big and little coloring books from their birthdays, and TONS of books... do I need to put anything else in? I'll hide eggs for them to find, but I don't know what to put in them other than a few new cars and bouncy balls. I guess I need to go to the dollar store and Target to see what's popular? I hate that so many holidays have become so commercial!!

On a brighter note I finally ordered the twins' Christmas present for this year. They are so into geotrax trains it's silly, love them even more than thomas trains at this point. Once they discovered geotrax thomas sort of faded into the background! Toys R Us had a Christmas geotrax toy town set for $130, and I just couldn't justify paying that much but wow was it awesome!! We bought three track sets on craigs list and at second hand shops, paid $20 a set so it's quite a jump in price for new. I have been watching and the set dropped to $77 and I grabbed it. I'll put it up until winter, and it'll be the first present for them under the tree!!!

Yes, I am a deal hound. I almost never pay full price for things, and that means I shop early. I have never started Christmas shopping in February tho! HA! Is that bad?

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