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May 9, 2011

Eye surgery

Thing One and Thing Two had their eye appointments this morning. We thought their glasses prescriptions had changed over the last two months, because they are both still a little cross eyed.

Did I mention they have "esotropia"? That means their eyes cross. If left untreated it will cause another big word, amblyopia, which means the brain has chosen one eye to become dominant and sort of ignores the other eye so the child can better see.

So today the pediatric opthamologist said their eyes are no less crossed than they were at the last check up, meaning the glasses are correcting their vision but not their esotropia completely. This means that a) they probably have awful depth perception and b) they'll probably need surgery to correct their crossed eyes. The doctor talked to me just a little about the possibility of surgery, he is giving the twins 6 more weeks in their glasses before he makes the final decision.

I'm not nervous about the surgery really, the only freaky part is putting the twins under anesthesia. They are barely 3 years old, and have never been put under!! The eye surgery from what I have read is very noninvasive and they'll recover right away. Thank goodness! My father had the same surgery in 1949 and 1950, and had both eyes patched for days and it took three surgeries to fix his eyes. Of course that was 60+ years ago, things have changed a lot since then! However he can see perfectly well, I'm really not worried about the surgery. Now I just have to find the funds to pay for them... LOL!

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