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May 5, 2011

Udi's Cinnamon Rolls

While at Kroger getting Big Kid sinus medicine (poor kid has quite a cold), I saw Udi's Cinnamon Rolls marked down half off because the expiry date is in two days. I couldn't resist, with my $1 coupon I paid $2 for a pack of cinnamon rolls that are gluten free! I took great gooey pleasure in eating my first cinnamon roll since 2006. It certainly isn't fresh baked fall apart, but after warming in the microwave for a half a minute and pouring the enclosed sauce all over it I have to admit it was very pleasing!!

Once again, thank you Udi's!! I grabbed a loaf of their "multigrain" bread to try now, we'll see how that tastes. I am so impressed with their other products I have tried so far, yay!!!

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