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May 22, 2011

Lizard in my house!!!!

I picked up a little blanket off the floor, trying to find a little beachball for the twins to play with in the little pool out back. A freaking lizard that is at least seven inches long ran UP MY ARM and onto the twins' slide in the corner of the room!! I screamed of course, and made my husband come try to get it. It hid in our recliner, we can't find it now, and I have since taken apart the chair and vacuumed it. How do you find a lizard in your house?!!! And what's even worse is my two cats are completely oblivious, they have no idea there's a lizard in their house! Useless animals. Grrrrr!!! I HATE lizards!

I am the one who killed the huge spider out back next to the pool, I don't mind wolf spiders one iota. One good smoosh and it's dead. A LIZARD??? IN MY HOUSE???

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