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May 2, 2011

Today's Car Tip

A good friend rear ended someone today, and it made me realize that not everyone knows what to do in the event of an actual accident happening. She handled it pretty well, but she admitted she was looking down at her phone to see why the audio had stopped playing through her sound system. I am a firm believer in gps, but really I feel that phones should be phones and computers should be computers. Call me old fashioned!

First, know that airbags throw dust when they deploy so don't immediately think your car is on fire. That is an awful feeling to throw in the mix of an accident!

If I were in an accident today,
-I would first check on my passengers visually to make sure everyone is ok.
- call the police. I know this sounds like a no brainer, but seriously someone needs to call 911 to get a cop there, even if no one is hurt. Right away call the police. All you have to say is I have been in a car accident, I am on this road near this store or intersection. They will ask if anyone is hurt, and tell you what to do if someone is.
- make sure no traffic is coming at you! Get out, immediately snap a few photos of both cars (just about every cell phone will take a picture!) and try to judge if you can move the car. Obviously if there is smoke pouring from the hood get everyone out immediately! If it's a fender bender that doesn't look dangerous, start the car back up and move it out of the way. I was once rear ended by a driver going 60, and she pushed my car right to the crest of a hill in the wrong lane - some poor soul could have smashed into my car head on without even seeing it! My car was dead and I mean ruined, but I still was able to leave it in neutral and roll backwards to the edge of the proper lane. If it's at all possible, move the car to the side of the road. Doing more damage like tearing a fender with a wheel is better than putting someone else's life in danger!
- call your insurance company. Most companies will give you a little card with instructions on what to do if you are in an accident, ask them if you don't have one. Worst case I think you can print a blank sheet that prompts you for needed info here : http://www.wiserdrivers.com/num.php
- don't get out gushing that it's your fault, even if it is. Let the insurance companies work that out, simply ask if everyone is ok. Don't scream at some idiot who rear ended you and ruined your car, just make sure everyone is ok and separate yourselves, wait for the authorities.
- know your insurance policy. I have not been in an accident since 1999 and I know that each of my family members is covered medically as well as passengers. I know my deductibles, and know what rental my insurance will cover.
- get the rental if you need it, but only if you need it. You did just get into an accident, it's ok to not want to drive for a few days and mentally recover from that! However if you drive the family go getter like I do, get the rental right away so you're not stranded later.
- have your carseats inspected, and ask your insurance agent that when you call to report the accident. Don't forget that!!!

So did I miss anything guys?

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