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Jul 5, 2012

Patriotic Toenails

Yes, I am a redneck. My husband laughed and told me I can no longer call myself a "yankee" with the paint job I just put on my toes! I am by no means a professional stylist and I promise I don't have the talent it takes (ok or the patience) to paint straight little white lines. Here's the secret - you know how after your kids take all the stickers off a sheet of stickers, there is a sheet of sticky paper that the stickers were cut out of? I cut that into tiny little strips then stuck the strips onto my nails. To make the X blue I cut the four corners off the sticker sheet and stuck them on my nail - painted two coats of blue, and took them off. I used the same white strips on both nails, and just cut the strip into tiny little squares to make the stars. Not perfect, but I did at least get 13 stars on the confederate X to represent the 13 colonies! I could not however fit 50 little stars into the American Flag nail. Still, pretty spiffy for a half an hour and some sticker leftovers! I painted them with two coats of topcoat once I was done. They'll last at least through the weekend, we're having a Fourth of July bash :) Yeehaw!

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  1. AnonymousMay 03, 2013

    You have really pretty feet! cute toes, kinda hot ;)