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Jan 4, 2011

Monster party invitations!

The twins turn three this month, and they requested a "monster party". Not Monsters Inc, just "rarrr monsters mommy". Okaaaay! Big Kid and I turned art class into making monster invitations yesterday, and wow did he do a great job! Together we made nine or ten invites, and they are all just awesome!! I hope people enjoy opening them, it was so much fun making them! Next on the to-do list is to get some posterboard and make a pin the ___ on the monster. What should we pin on the monster? Eyes, tails, mouth, teeth, what? We are trying to keep the party small, so they aren't overwhelmed. Our halloween party was pretty big, and they were a bit scared of the crowd!

I can't believe my "babies" are almost three! They are so much fun to watch grow, I feel so happy to have been able to stay at home and witness their "education"! Yesterday they started playing games together, elefun and a big mouth frog game similar to hungry hippos. They played with the board of sesame street chutes and ladders, but didn't really understand the game play. They are old enough to take turns easily and "play" the games, but not really old enough to understand rolling dice, moving spaces and such. We're going to try letter bingo this week, they have known all of their letters for a year and a half so that part is easy. I'm wondering if they'll enjoy the covering them up part!

To make the invitations I just cut little teeth out of white paper, a bunch of different sized white circles for eyeballs, little black pupils, and then started cutting the shapes of the cards out. Big Kid came up with the idea of the arms wrapping around the card instead of folding a plain old card, which was awesome! I had so much fun making these!!! I wrote silly little sayings like "Bring Your Little Monsters" and such on the cards :)

UPDATE* Here is a link to another blog that has lots of ideas for monster party items. I don't have ANY of the crafting machines and such she mentions, but it sure gave me a lot of ideas to run with! I can make most of her stuff by hand, and they are just great ideas :)

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