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Jan 25, 2011

The twins turned three!

Big deal for us, they are growing up so quickly! Because their birthdays follow Christmas so closely, we didn't give them a ton of presents. I am so glad we didn't because it took them two hours to open the four we gave them at our little family party! They had to take time to play with each gift before unwrapping the next box, and when it was time for bed they slept with their "real" Buzz Lightyear and Woody dolls! Course we heard Buzz's laser going off everytime thing two rolled over...

It was sort of fun leaking presents to them, Nahnah was here Sunday so she gave them her presents Sunday afternoon to open, then Monday morning I gave them the big Buzz Lightyear spaceship tent (scored that on clearance at Target 75% off) and they played in it most of the day. Our good friends came for dinner and gave them all three Toy Story movies (whoa!) and then we had cake. I tried my hand at a egg, dairy and gluten free chocolate cake, was honestly really good! Course I used real icing that had milk in it, that helped, but the cake itself was pretty darn good... and moist! I'll post the recipe in a bit once homeschooling is finished today :)

Birthdays for your kids can be so much fun as long as you don't stress about them! We have the twins' party this weekend, invited six other kids around their age, then the grown ups celebrate - my birthday and our anniversary. March brings big kid's birthday, Dad's birthday, and Nahnah's birthday! When I typed that I ran the chorus from beastie boys "fight for your right to party" in my head HA! I love parties, and I love seeing my family members smile at their parties! I can't wait!!!!

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